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Consider this an invitation – to be an integral part of an unprecedented psychological study. There is no reason to be nervous – your entire experience at Think Tank will be overseen by our wonderful staff. There is no screening process for this study, but for one thing you must understand: dreams.

As a part of the research, you will be asked to enter multiple dreams of a single individual. Once within the dreams you will be able to move around freely and explore all the inner workings of the individual’s subconscious. After exploring the dreams, you will be asked by our staff to answer a series of questions possibly linking these dreams to the dreamer’s waking life, although our conclusion may be that the dreams are a part of something else...  

After the experience, audience members will have access to the Cirque du Soleil Zumanity lounge with cocktails and an ambient DJ. 

Directed by Arya Davachi
Co-written by Arya Davachi and Henry Conklin

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